●  School begins the Tuesday after Labor Day.
●  School starts at 8:30 AM and dismisses at 3:10 PM.


Morning Recess 10:05-10:25
(Wednesday) 9:55-10:25
Noon Recess 11:55-12:40
Afternoon Recess 2:00-2:15


Morning Recess 10:05-10:15
(Wednesday) 9:55-10:25
Noon Recess 11:45-12:30
Afternoon Recess 2:05-2:15

●  School is in session approx. 1,098 hours per school year.
●  The school year is divided into two semesters, with three six-week marking periods for grades 4-8 and two nine-week marking periods for grades K-3 for each semester.
●  Report cards are sent home on the Wednesday after the marking period ends.
●  Parent-Teacher Conferences are held in Fall and Spring.
●  Hot lunch, sponsored by the 8th grade, is served every Wednesday.
●  Snack sales, sponsored by the 6th and 7th grades, are held every hot lunch day.
●  Chapel exercises are held approximately once a month.
●  Music:

Intermediate Choir (Grades 4-5)
Junior High Choir (Grades 6-8)
Training Band (Grade 5)
Advanced Band (Grades 6-8)
(Some instruments are available for rent)

School closings are announced on radio and TV stations via the GRAIL network, WOOD TV 8, and TV 13.


Bus routes will be designed for the greatest good for the greatest number of students.

Temporary Change in Bus Rider


It is the responsibility of the student to pay for professional repair or replacement of any school property, including textbooks, which are damaged beyond what is considered to be normal wear during use.


Parents dissatisfied or concerned with any action of a teacher should use these steps:

  1. Contact the teacher involved, preferably in person, and work with him or her to resolve the matter.  If no satisfaction is obtained, inform him or her of your intent to contact the Administrator.
  2. Contact the Administrator and work with him to resolve the matter.  If no satisfaction is obtained, inform the administrator of your intent to contact the School Board.
  3. Contact and discuss the matter with the School Board President.  If necessary, a meeting with the Education Committee will be arranged to discuss the matter and work on a resolution.
  4. If necessary, a hearing with the full Board may be arranged to discuss the matter and work on a resolution.
  5. Under no circumstances should the matters pertaining to your concern be discussed with parties other than those involved.


In case of a tornado warning, the students will remain at school where they will be given the best protection we have available.  In case of a tornado watch, the students will remain in school, and the situation will be monitored by the staff.


● Girls teams:  basketball, volleyball, and soccer
● Boys teams:  soccer, basketball, and baseball
● Uniforms are provided by the school
● All games are after school.  Parents are responsible for transporting to and from practice sessions and games